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Nuisance Abatement

Sr. Corporal Scott Corbo

Crime is born out of opportunity.  If, for example, someone leaves their GPS in the window of their parked car, there is a visable opportunity for financial gain by simply smashing out the window and removing the GPS. 

Criminals don't like to be visable.  Many crimes occur at night because of low light conditions.  Criminals also don't like to travel far from home to commit crimes.  The less time in transit means less of a chance of being caught.

Opportunity and concealment.  Not leaving a GPS inside a parked vehicle removes opportunity.  Removing concealment takes away the "security blanket" of criminals.  We can't do anything about nighttime (exept to add artifical lighting, which is very effective), but we can do something about human-created concealment.  This is where Nuisance Abatement comes into play.

Nuisance Abatement means removing conditions considered a nuisance to society.  This includes overgrown fields, junk vehicles, trash, structures in disrepair, graffit, and similar conditions.  Criminals will often live in low cost housing, which, to remain low cost, will sometimes skimp on keeping their structures in line with city code.  High grass in fields gives criminals places to hide when waiting to commit a crime, or when running from police after committing a crime.  Graffiti is often "guerilla" art work, but sometimes used by gangs to mark territory. 

City ordinances govern, among other things, conditions described above.  The Dallas Police Deparment works with City of Dallas Code Compliance and Dallas Community Prosecutors to combat nuisances related to quality of life.

Sr. Corporal Scott Corbo is responsible for the nuisance abatement program at the Central Patrol Division.  He may be reached at 214-670-4420.