Lateral Entry Police Officers 


  • All lateral entry police officers (LEPOs) are subject to the same hiring process and must meet the same hiring requirements as all other police officer applicants.
  • College credit hours requirement is waived for current and former law enforcement officers.
  • Applicants must not turn 45 years of age before taking the civil service examination.
  • Have worked for any law enforcement agency as a sworn police officer with powers of arrest in the United States or U.S. Territories.
  • Must have 36 months certified law enforcement experience with any city, county or state law enforcement agency.
  • Have not been separated as a police officer for more than four months prior to the date of application.
  • No pending disciplinary actions or investigations for misconduct or criminal activity.
  • Time served as a reserve officer or other type of unpaid peace officer will not be used to calculate an applicant's total time on active service for either qualification for the lateral entry program o r for computing compensation.
  • Out of state LEPOs will complete the full Dallas Police Training Academy.
  • The Commander of the Personnel Division determines whether any LEPO applicant meets the eligibility standards. 

LEPOs are hired at the starting pay as follows:

Lateral Entry Police Officer

3 years' experience - $51,688.00

4 years' experience - $54,263.00

5/+ years' experience - $56,971.00




Dallas Police Department
Personnel Division
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Dallas, TX 75215
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