Gold Star Program

Gold Star Certification Program:

The Dallas Police Department’s Gold Star Certification Program is a voluntary new concept for crime prevention in rental communities. This new concept takes a multifaceted proactive approach to crime prevention. Using the crime free lease addendum and a certification process the Gold Star Certification Program is a cooperative effort between the Dallas Police Department, Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, along with owners, managers and residents of apartment communities to combat crime in those communities. 

Communities that contain individually owned properties: such as town homes and condominiums are ineligible for the Gold Star Certification program.  The program currently defines program participants as multifamily properties of 10 or more dwelling units that are leased or offered for lease and are not independently owned.

About the Gold Star Program:

The Dallas Police Department’s Gold Star Certification Program is designed to be a cooperative effort by law enforcement, apartment managers/owner’s and apartment residents to abate crime and to enhance the quality of life for citizens living within Multi-Family communities. Becoming a Gold Star Property means that the apartment community has successfully completed all three phases of the program and had demonstrated a willingness to work with Dallas Police Department.

How the Program Works:

Dallas Police Department and other crime prevention specialists instruct apartment managers and owners in the concepts of Gold Star as well as proven crime prevention practices in a 4-5 hour workshops that are scheduled at each patrol station 4 times a year. The following criteria must be met:

  1. Applicants must be approved by the Division Commander.
  2. A complex must not be in MCRP or SAFE or have been in MCRP or SAFE at any time during the 12 months prior to applying for Gold Star certification.
  3. Attend the workshop.
  4. The apartment property successfully passes a Security Survey conducted by a member of the Dallas Police Department. This Security Survey assess such things as lighting, perimeter fencing, landscaping, hardware on doors etc…
  5. Host a crime watch meeting on the property for their residents.
  6. The Gold Star Survey must be renewed annually.

One person may NOT represent multiple properties at the workshops.

Once these three phases are complete, the property will be issued a dated 4th certificate that will be renewable one year from the date issued.

Once a property has been certified as a Gold Star Property, the property will be exempt from attendance at the Annual SAFE Complex Symposium. All multi-family properties must still have the Crime Watch Meeting and Symposium Attendance Certificate signed indicating that three crime watch meeting have been attended.

Once a property has been certified as Gold Star Property:

  1. The name, address and phone number will be placed on the Dallas Police web site and on the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas web site.
  2. Gold Star signs (property of Dallas Police Department) will be delivered to the property to be placed in a conspicuous location to advertise their Gold Star Status (following all signage ordinances).
  3. Apartment properties that are certified as Gold Star are authorized to use the Gold Star logo in al appropriate advertisements as well as on company letter heads.

The Dallas Police Department will administer and maintain a database which records the names of apartment communities requesting Gold Star status along with each phase completed by each property.  

For any questions or further information, please contact the
Dallas Police Department
Neighborhood Policing Team
Senior Corporal Beaty
6969 McCallum Blvd
Dallas, TX  75252

Apartment Association of Greater Dallas Police Department​​

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