Volunteers In Patrol (VIP)

The Dallas Police Department is concerned about crime in your neighborhood. Many Volunteer In Patrol (VIP) groups are now operating in communities throughout the city in an effort to unite citizens and police for a common goal. That goal is to improve the quality of life for area residents by preventing, reducing, and eliminating crime.

VIP groups are designed to provide a means for citizens to organize into patrol groups for the purpose of being visible in their community. The value of police-citizen cooperation is well illustrated by the success of Citizen Patrol programs nationwide.

VIP allows citizens to have an active part in combating crime in their patrol area. VIP helps citizens achieve a safer neighborhood through heightened emphasis on citizen involvement in crime prevention. VIP supplements detection and reporting of suspicious persons and activities to the police department. VIP shows a presence of law-abiding citizens patrolling the streets throughout the City of Dallas.

Volunteers In Patrol