Community Operations Division                                                        

Assistant Chief Angela Shaw

The purpose of the Community Opertaions Division is to establish a continuous positive working relationship between the Police Department, its employees, and the community.  The foundation of which must be mutual trust and understanding.
By improving the relationship between the Police Department and the citizens they serve, police and citizens cooperation is facilitated. Cooperation of citizens is an element that is vital to the department’s ability to achieve its goals.
Through the provision of meaningful and effective complaints procedures, citizens’ confidence in the integrity of police actions increase and this engenders community support and confidence in the Police Department

The Dallas Police Department recognizes the importance of involving the community to help combat crime and increase the quality of police service. As thepartnership develops, the number of community-based programs continues to grow.

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Neighborhood Police Officer Unit

Your Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) at your nearby patrol substation manages various community policing programs in your area. Your local NPO can assist you and your neighborhood with developing a crime watch group, VIP program (Volunteer In Patrol), crime prevention presentations, discuss with you other ways that you can assist your community such as  COPS (Citizens Offering Police Support).