Neigh​​​borhood Police Officer

The Dallas Police Department recognizes the importance of involving the community to help combat crime and increase the quality of police service. As the partnership develops, the number of community-based programs continues to grow.

The Community Engagement Unit (CEU) at your nearby patrol substation manages various community policing programs in your area. Your local CEU can assist you and your neighborhood with developing a crime watch group, VIP program (Volunteer In Patrol), crime prevention presentations, discuss with you other ways that you can assist your community such as CHIPS (Citizens Helping in Parking Solutions) and COPS (Citizens Offering Police Support).


Community Engagement Units

Unit Phone
Central Patro​l Division / CEU 214-670-4420
Northeast Patrol Division / CEU 214-670-7747
Southwest Patrol Division / CEU 214-670-6792
Southeast Patrol Division / CEU 214-671-0147
Northwest Patrol Division / CEU 214-670-6206
North Central Patrol Division / CEU 214-670-7247
South Central Patrol Division / CEU 214-671-4532