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Office of Community Affairs & Employee Communications

1400 Botham Jean Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75215

The Office of Community Affairs, established in 1987, was created to foster improved police and community relations in the City of Dallas. The Office consists of sworn & non-sworn staff members. The primary goal of the unit is to establish and maintain a positive working relationship between the Dallas Police Department and the residents of Dallas.

Utilizing the collective community approach to policing, the Office of Community Affairs partners with multiple stakeholders throughout the city. These stakeholders include non-profit and corporate partners, members of various social and faith based communities as well as other parts of the criminal justice system.

With initiatives like the 10-70-20 Crime Reduction Program, the Office of Community Affairs seeks to increase community participation by equipping residents with safety and crime prevention knowledge which helps reduce crime through activism and awareness. Multicultural and Community Engagement events are other ways in which the Office of Community Affairs engages various ethnicities and nationalities informing them on crime prevention, personal safety, and other police communications.

The Office of Community Affairs also holds special events throughout the year known as the “Chief on the Beat” Crime Prevention Safety & Health Fair. With these events they bring together many different units of the Dallas Police Department and various citizen groups in unique engagement opportunities. The Department’s “Chief on the Beat” events have been extremely successful in providing services, education, entertainment, and food to thousands of attendees and are free of charge.



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