Southwest Neighborhood Police Team

4230 W. Illinois Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211
Tel 214-670-7464

Heavily involved with the community, the Neighborhood Policing Team works hand in hand with the community.  Officers of this team frequently attend crime watch and community meetings, gathering information first-hand that can be relayed to other teams within the department.  When not working directly with the community, officers work the streets combatting crime. 


Upcoming Events

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The Southwest (NPO) Team:

     Unit Supervisor                                                      


 Southwest - Sgt. M. Lambert # 7600                                        
 Sector 410

  Sr. Cpl. Ivan Saldana
Sector 420

  Sector 430 

Officer Donald Bailey 
Sector 440

Sector 450



Lakewest Storefront Team:

3737 Goldman St       Lakewest Storefront Area Map 
Dallas, TX 75212


 Sgt. Albert Ramos  214-670-6553