Northeast Neighborhood Police Team

Northeast Division
9915 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75238
Contact us at:  (214) 670-4762

The Northeast Neighborhood Policing Team is made up of officers whose primary focus is assisting citizens in not only police issues, but also the delivery of city services.  Neighborhood Police Officers are also responsible for the delivery of Crime Prevention Programs to the citizens of the Northeast Patrol Division. 

Upcoming Events

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The Northeast (NPO) Team:

Northeast Division Map

NPO Unit Supervisor                                         

Sgt. Sammie Robinson
​214-670-4762 (Office)
972-841-4597 (Cell) 


Civilian Community Liaison:   

Rep. Kimberly Nam   
214-670-4762 (Office)
214-470-8517 (Cell)

Days Sector 210 Sector 210.pdf
Officer Elizama Munoz

Evenings Sector 210 Sector 210.pdf
PO Guillermo Corona
Days Sector 220 Sector 220.pdf
PO Gabriel Ortiz
​Evenings Sector 220Sector 220.pdf
Officer Dung Nguyen 
​Days Sector 230 Sector 230.pdf
Officer Theron Akin 

​Evenings Sector 230Sector 230.pdf
Officer Hill Martin
Days Sector 240 Sector 240.pdf
Sr. Cpl. Amber Oliver 

​Evenings Sector 240Sector 240.pdf
Officer Danny Vasquez         
​Days Sector 250 Sector 250.pdf
Officer Bervin Smith  
214-670-7747 (Office)

​Eventings Sector 250 Sector 250.pdf
Sr. Cpl. Mundell Spence