The stakeholders associated with the re-design and re-development of the Redbird Mall; the surrounding retail districts; and residential communities, recognized the need for increased collaboration with the Dallas Police Department.  With this need in mind, Redbird Mall owner Peter Brodsky dedicated space for the Redbird Outreach Center (ROC) Storefront. 

The Southwest ROC Team was activated on November 24, 2015. The Southwest Team services the Camp Wisdom Corridor, the Gannon/Westmoreland community, and the business corridor along Wheatland and Cockrell Hill. The South-Central ROC Team was activated on February 10, 2016. The South-Central Team services the Chaucer/Chesterfield community and the Wheatland business Corridor.   Both teams share the storefront facility.



The Redbird Outreach Center's mission is to build public trust and legitimacy by providing exceptional service through crime reduction and prevention; addressing and improving quality of life issues; and by facilitating community engagement through outreach programs within the Redbird community.  



The goals for the Redbird Outreach Center are to decrease violent and property crimes through proactive interaction with businesses, residents, places of worship, and non-profits, and to promote the growth of the Redbird community.

The ROC personnel facilitate monthly apartment and business meetings to discuss safety concerns and crime trends.  The ROC conducts foot and bicycle patrols in the apartment complexes and business corridors.  The ROC promotes community health and welfare programs such as health and safety fairs and instructional literature distributions.  The ROC participates in after school programs and mentoring sessions with youth, promoting life skills training and enrichment.  




                            Sergeant Mavin Tyler, #8493                                                       Police Officer Ashley Townsend, #10912
                                                                                                                                       214-671-4532                                                                                        214-629-0086

                                        SOUTH CENTRAL REDBIRD OUTREACH STOREFRONT PERSONNEL:
                                                                                  Sergeant Mavin Tyler, #8493  



                                                                            Sr. Cpl. Calvin Cross, #8652                                                              

                    Police Officer Alphie Fraction, #10845                                         Police Officer Gideon Yorka, #11301
                            972-742-8464                                                                                       972-742-8419

 SW ROC and SC ROC Teams operate primarily between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M.