This neighborhood was founded in 1997 by Saint Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church. The Storefront was built in 2010. Jubilee Park Storefront is the physical manifestation of the department's goal in Cultivating Community Relations, Improving Police and Community Trust, Building Better Partnerships, Implementing Community Policing and Crime Reduction.

The Department's mission aligns with Jubilee's community partnership formula which pivots around Police, School, Faith-based, Health, Social Services, Government Agencies, Private Security, and Code Enforcement to promote sustainability, safety and a vibrant community.



Jubilee Park- Police Storefront nurtures community relations while serving the community of Dallas. We strive to reduce crime by providing Timely Intelligence, Rapid Deployment, Accountability, Follow-up, and Assessment.



To increase citizen satisfaction with public safety, engage community cooperation in police programing to reduce crime, and link community with other social services.

Storefront staff host open meetings to engage residents, business operators and other city departments to discuss safety concerns, share intelligence, plan crime prevention strategies, and address quality of life issues.

Storefront staff conducts community block walks to obtain information, relay crime prevention tips, and conduct programs, in addition to: Crime and Business Watches, VIP programs, Community Crime Alerts, Safety and Health Initiatives, 311 complaints, Fingerprinting Services, Operation ID-Property Marking, McGruff the Crime Dog Presentations, Language Assistance: Cambodian Translation and Interpretation, Safety and Health Fairs, Educational Field Trips, Food and Clothing Drives, Youth Programs, Senior Safety and Serve as Liaison with Service Providers in the community i.e.,  City Square, Office of Homeless Solution, Code Compliance, Parkland Hospital, Jewish Family Serves, Visiting Nurse Association, TABC, and Parking Enforcement,

Community Assessments

Conduct Business and Residential Surveys
Conduct Business and Apartment Assessments
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Security Inspections (Business and Residential) to address property crime
Crisis Counseling Intervention

                                                                             Jubilee Park Storefront Unit:
                                                                                Storefront Supervisor 

                                                                            Sergeant Tawanna Manuel  

                        Sr. Cpl. Steven Castillo                                                      Public Service Officer: Sovannsamnag Sokosvann
                           8:00am-4:00pm                                                                                         8:00am-4:00pm
                             945-214-5829                                                                                            945-214-5828                                     

                                                                  Community Outreach Representative: Evelyn Parris

Hours of Operation

Monday –Friday, 7a-7p  (Flexible)

Dallas Police Department - Central Division
Resource Center at Jubilee-Police Storefront
907 S. Carroll Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75223
Office 214-670-5514
Fax 214-670-7888        


Geographic Area - Beat 115

 Jubilee composed of (East I-30, Henderson, Beeman, Fitzhugh Ave/Crosstown & Fair Park)


Jubilee Storefront Map.png