Narcotics Related Crime

Suspicious Activity & Behaviors Indicators - Narcotics

Several types of behavior may indicate the presence of drug activity. Some examples of these behaviors are listed below. These activities alone do not necessarily indicate drug activity. You are encouraged to send in your tip and allow the Dallas Police Department to conduct an investigation into these activities.

Indicators of Narcotics Related Activity

Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (glass pipes, small baggies, etc.) in the area.

  • Repeated observations of hand to hand exchanges of items, particularly money and narcotics.
  • An abnormally high level of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic visiting any structure, whether vacant or occupied. These visits may occur at all, or any, hour of the day.
  • “Good Eyes” are persons who hang out in the vicinity of drug location. They can be observed communicating with occupants of the drug location. This communication maybe done verbally, loud enough to be heard by any passer by, or via cell phone. Either method of communication will be prompted by the observation of law enforcement by the “good eye”.
  • Additional security measures are some times taken by drug dealers. Video surveillance of activities outside, the presence of burglar bars, dangerous dogs, and the creation of a metal cage at the entry (internal/external) point are examples of these security measures.