Suspicious Activity & Behaviors Indicators - Swindle

Every year citizens are swindled out of their money by Con Artists. Con Artists will use trickery, sympathy and deception to gain your trust and ultimately take your money. Citizens must remain vigilant to recognize the various fraud schemes affecting their community. Prosecuting con artists is difficult because the victims are reluctant to admit they have been swindled. The information below is provided to help you identify some common fraudulent schemes before you become a victim.

“Opportunistic Handyman”

  • A contractor who arrives in an unmarked truck or van, with little equipment, and/or out-of-state license plates. A contractor who is unable to give you a business card with an address and telephone number.
  •  A contractor who will not give you time to get other estimates. Or who tells you that he or she cannot come back another time because of another job in another town.

“Banking Scheme”

  • A person who wants to share with you some cash that he or she found.
  • A person who introduces him or herself as a bank official or other person of authority, who asks you to help "catch a thief."

“Investors Wanted”

  • Unbelievable return rates on investment over a short period of time.
  • Vague description of the actual investment offering (no prospectus, or only a very sketchy one, etc.).
  • A seller or recruiter offers the opportunity to invest in a "distributorship," franchise, or other business opportunity for a specified sum of money.