2-1-1 Program

The purpose of the National 2-1-1 Coalition is to bring together organizations representing the full range of comprehensive and specialized information, referral, assistance and volunteer services to facilitate the development of systems for the implementation and sustainability of 2-1-1.

Types of Calls To Be Expected After Disaster

  • Families looking for victims
  • Individuals reliving other disasters
  • Information on suspects
  • Survivors feeling guilty
  • People wanting to help (donate blood, money, goods)
  • Mentally ill feeling overwhelmed with disaster
  • Location of vigils
  • Request for support groups
  • People stranded at airports
  • Sites of open shelters
  • Where to find heaters, fans air conditioners
  • Where to get food, ice, gasoline, heating fuel
  • Removal of debris, tree limbs, etc
  • Restoration of power
  • Location of functioning hospital emergency rooms
  • Safety of drinking water
  • Availability of food, home delivered, open supermarkets
  • Accurate public health protocols
  • Temporary pharmacies
  • Emergency loans and grants
  • Assistance for pets
  • Handling of suspicious mail

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