General Alarm Information

Dallas City Code, Article l, Section 15C-2(b) - The Chief shall refuse police response to any alarm notification from an alarm site that does not have a valid alarm permit.

An alarm permit will be revoked if:

  1. False information is submitted on the permit application; or
  2. Permit holder fails to make timely payment for a service fee.

An alarm permit renewal notice will be mailed to you in thirty days prior to the expiration date.  If you move, you must inform our office immediately so your permit can be cancelled.

An alarm permit cannot be transferred to another person or different address.  A permit holder shall inform the police department of any change that alters any information listed on the permit application within two business days.  An escalating fee will be assessed for each false alarm notification in excess of three (3) false alarms within a 12-month period.  The issuance, renewal or reinstatement of an alarm does not allow any additional free false alarm notifications.

False Alarm Notification Service Fee
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth $50
Seventh and Eight $75
Ninth and Subsequent $100

An alarm notification is designated as false when responding officers do not find any evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense.

Contact Alarm Unit at 214-671-4120

Permit Application