Criminal Fence

Suspicious Activity & Behaviors Indicators - Stolen Property Market (Criminal Fence)

A criminal fence is an individual or business that knowingly purchases stolen property and then resells the items to others.  Legitimate persons/businesses that unknowingly purchase stolen property are not considered a criminal fence. EBay, Craigslist, pawn shops, flee markets, even garage sales are places where stolen property might be bought/sold. As long as there is no knowledge that the property is stolen, these venues are not considered criminal fences, but the presence of the stolen property is of interest to the police. The goal to a criminal fence is to help the criminal get money quickly. The criminal fence can be a part of a larger criminal enterprise. By participating in the stolen property market, individuals directly or indirectly ultimately encourage more crime.

Tips to Identify a Criminal Fence

  • Products are offered to you without proper warranty or User Guide documentation.
  • The products have their Serial Numbers removed or scratched out.
  • Products are sold to you in cash only without a receipt or bill of sale.
  • Products are sold at a substantially reduced price of current Retail Price.
  • Pedestrian traffic carrying products into a building, residence or apartment.