Shoplift Forms

Instructions for Shoplift Case Filing

Retail Amount Stolen Less than $100 with Suspect in Custody

  1. If the amount of the theft is less than $100 and the arrestee has identification, Dallas Police will not routinely be dispatched to the business location.
  2. Persons wishing to prosecute the arrestee for shoplifting must complete the online form, Municipal Prosecution Application for Complaint and Sworn Affidavit.
  3. Print and sign the affidavit and mail to City of Dallas Prosecutors Office at 2014 Main Street Room 206 Dallas, Texas 75201.

Retail Amount Stolen More than $100 with Suspect in Custody

  1. If the business is going to prosecute the arrestee, contact 911 and request DPD patrol response.
  2. Complete Shoplift Affidavit Form. The fact witness must include his or her home address and cell phone on the Shoplift Affidavit Form.
  3. No Business Address or Business Phone number will be accepted as a substitute for the fact witness home address and phone.
  4. If video evidence of the offense was produced, a DVD copy must accompany the arrestee. If the video evidence is unavailable at the time of officers arrival, the business has 3 days to deliver a DVD copy to the nearest DPD substation investigative unit.
  5. Complete and sign the Shoplift Affidavit Form.

Transporting Dallas Police Officers will take custody of the arrestee and the following evidence:

  1. Completed and signed Shoplift Affidavit with internal narrative.
  2. DVD copy of offense and software necessary to view offense if available.
  3. Store receipt showing the description and retail price (Do not include Tax) of the items stolen by the arrestee.

Report of Shoplift with No Suspect in Custody

  1. If a business wants to report a shoplift with viable suspect information, they must complete a Dallas Online Report if the value is under $2,500.