Domestic Violence Unit

1400 Botham Jean Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75215
(214) 671-4304
Fax: (214) 671-4648

​​Unit Commander:

Lt. James Songer


​​​Unit Supervisor:
Sgt. Jonathan Bruinsma


​​Unit Supervisor:
Sgt. Paulo Betancourt


​​​Unit Supervisor:
Sgt. Christopher Weckenmann


​​​Unit Supervisor:
Sgt. Chassiti Hicks



The Domestic Violence Unit is a specialized investigative office created to respond to the problem of domestic violence in the City of Dallas. The Unit is comprised of a sergeant, detectives, a crime analyst, and a civilian counselor. Since its creation in 1987, the Unit has worked diligently to curb the problem of domestic violence by investigating and preparing cases against persons responsible for domestic assaults.

In addition to the investigative duties, the Unit is involved in training and community education related to domestic violence. Officers from the Domestic Violence Unit regularly provide training to other police agencies by sponsoring seminars on domestic violence and presenting in-service classes for area police officers on their responsibilities in domestic violence cases.

Domestic violence is a crime that can victimize any person regardless of race, gender, or background. The Dallas Police Department and the Domestic Violence Unit stand committed to direct intervention on behalf of all victims of domestic violence.

Community Involvement

The Domestic Violence Unit actively works to prevent domestic violence through its association with community groups. The Unit is also involved in community education programs related to domestic violence and participates in workshops and conferences aimed at broadening public awareness of the tragedy of this type of crime. The Unit is closely associated with organizations that deal directly with the problem of domestic violence. Its representatives meet regularly with the City of Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force, Lawyers Against Domestic Violence, the Parkland Hospital Battered Women’s Intervention Project, and area women’s shelters, to share information and coordinate efforts and resources.