On-Duty Officer Involved Shootings Data

Throughout my entire career as a Law Enforcement Officer, the citizens have shown great trust and confidence in the Police.  We all understand that this trust is hard to earn, but easy to lose. Our pledge remains to continue to work as hard to maintain and improve citizens' trust as we did to earn it. In an effort to increase transparency, officer accountability, and improve officer safety, the below policy changes and initiatives were implemented. Many of those changes came after an officer involved shooting in 2012 and include:

  • Notification of the FBI Civil Rights Office at the time of all officer involved shootings
  • Development of a foot pursuit policy
  • Implementation of a response to resistance report that documents officers' use of force to overcome resistant suspects
  • Enhanced review of digital video recordings by a specialized unit
  • Improved consensual search policy to require written or video documentation that a citizen voluntarily consented to a search
  • Created a community engagement team with the Community Affairs Unit to respond to community concerns and manage programs that create community trust and engagement
  • Mandated that all officers receive Taser training and maintain their certification
  • Conducted reviews of departments under investigation or consent decree by the Justice Department to understand past failures and determine best practices in the management of officer involved shooting incidents

These changes also include how we communicate with our community, equipment upgrades and continued "use of force" training of the more than 3000 sworn members of the Dallas Police Department. I believe that these changes have and will continue to positively impact officer safety and improve public trust and confidence.

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