Response to Resistance Reporting Requirements

On January 1, 2013, the Dallas Police Department began to require officers to enter a separate report on their response to resistance encountered. The Department’s current policy states the completion of a Response to Resistance Report will be required in the following instances:

  1. All take-downs, pressure points, joint locks.
  2. Any use of Oleoresin Capsicum Chemical Spray.
  3. Any deployment of the Pepperball System.
  4. Personal weapons such as hands and feet.
  5. Any use of the baton or any other type of instrument that is used as an impact weapon.
  6. Any use of an Electronic Control Weapon (Taser).
  7. The deployment of a firearm which is pointed directly at any individual. This will NOT include when any firearm is deployed as part of a warrant process or felony stop. Note: A firearm discharge will not be reported in this system. Each officer will document their response to resistance separately and write their own narrative. (The only exception to this will be Firearm Display where one officer may do the report for multiple officers if the only use of force is a Firearm Display.)

RTR Summaries