Frauds and Scams

Don't Get Stung!

Con artists are extremely smart, persuasive, and aggressive about invading your home through the telephone, mail, or other forms of advertisement.  Most people think they are too smart to fall for a scam and then too embarrassed to notify the police.  Always use common sense and learn about some of the old and new scams.

Quick Tips

  • Don't let greed cloud your common sense.
  • Watch out for:  high pressure sale, cash demands only, pressure for quick decisions, secret deals, no-risk and high-yield investments.
  • Get a second opinion from someone you trust.
  • If it sounds too good to be probably is!

Money Over The Phone

  • Be wary if you are asked for your credit card number to verify a free vacation or other gifts.
  • Make sure you know the charges before calling 900 numbers.
  • Ask for a financial report if a caller requests a charitable donation.
  • Never make an investment with a stranger over the phone.