Traffic Division FAQ's

If you are involved in a hit and run accident in which the other vehicle departs the accident location without leaving their information as required by State Law, call 911 and have a Dallas Police Officer make the proper state and local reports. Due to State Law requirements you must stay at the accident location and make the proper reports. Texas State Law makes no exceptions for leaving the scene.   Therefore, if you leave the accident location without making the proper reports with the Dallas Police Department, you have also violated State Law, and our detectives will not be able to investigate your offense.

If this occurs, you will need to go to the nearest Dallas Police substation. You will need to pick up two items: a State of Texas Blue Form and a City of Dallas Individual Accident Report. Once you complete the State of Texas Blue Form, please mail it as indicated on the form. Once you complete the Individual Accident Report  you may return it to any Dallas Police substation. A Dallas Police service number will be assigned to it and kept on file serving as your accident report for your insurance company.​