Community Engagement Unit

The   Community  Engagement  Unit (CEU) is made up of three specialized teams: Deployment, Crime Response Team (CRT), and Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs). 

The Deployment Team  reduces violent and property crime by actively identifying, locating and arresting wanted persons  and habitual offenders. 

The Crime Response Team (CRT) is a specialized squad that primarily works  to investigate  illegal  drug  activity within the South Central Patrol Division.

The Neighborhood Police Officer Team (NPO)  works as a liason  between the Police Department and the community. Neighborhood Police Officers work to establish a  rapport with the citizens in the division. They also solve quality-of-life issues and maintain special departmental programs.

The principal purpose of the CEU is to work closely with the community to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life within the South Central Patrol Division. Partnerships  between the Police  Department  and  the  community  are  crucial to the implementation of crime reduction programs and initiatives. The CEU  strives  to  create an open line of communication with citizens so issues and concerns can be resolved in a timely and effective manner.




Dallas Police Department
South Central Division
1999 E. Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas, TX 75241
Tel 214-671-4500
South Patrol Group Commander
Deputy Chief Mark Villarreal

South Central Division Commander
Major Majusta Allen

Community Engagement Unit