Deployment Team


The South Central Deployment Team conducts long-term covert surveillance, fugitive apprehension, and sting operations to target organized criminal groups.The Deployment Unit has also developed the Prostitute Diversion Initiative (PDI) asa long-term intelligence strategy for transient criminal populations, and Operation TATOO ( Tactical Approach to Target Organized Offenders) which is designed to reclaim large apartment complexes that have been taken over by drugs and gang activity. The Unit, which consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant for days, and one sergeant for evenings, along with seven officers on each shift, has received international recognition for their efforts and programs.​​​​


Dallas Police Department
SouthCentral Division
1999 E. Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, TX 75241
Tel 214-671-4500
SouthCentral Division Commander
South Patrol          Interim Deputy Chief   David Davis 

Community Engagement Unit