Neighborhood Police Team

The  Neighborhood  Patrol Team is a specialized group designed to be  a  liason between the  Police Department and the community. The  team assists  in  starting  community Crime  Watch  groups, attends  Crime Watch  and  Homeowner's  Association  meetings, participates  in  community events and functions, assists  in  the resolution  of community concerns, and conducts special projects and operations. Your Neighborhood Police officers are here to help you take back your  community as well as establish  and  maintain a positive relationship with the Police Department.


Dallas Police Department
South Central Division Neighborhood Police Officers

Unit Lieutenant

Monica Igo
(214) 671-4500

Unit Supervisor

Michelle W. Thomas, #6804
(214) 671-4532

Convenience Store Coordinator

Senior Corporal Pearl McDowell #5229
(214) 671-4597 / (214) 952-5646



Officer  Perry Richardson #6649
(214) 671-4524

No Days Evenings
710s Officer Angela Williams #10053
 (214) 671-4527 / (214) 347-1697
Sr. Cpl LaTonia Kelly #9876
 (214) 671-4527 / (214) 952-5835
720s Sr. Cpl. Orlandus Bronner #10298
(214) 671-4526 / (214) 952- 5775
Sr. Cpl. Jerry Jernigan #7979
(214) 671-4528 / Cell (214) 952-5835
Officer Richard Valencia #10780
 (214) 671-4528 / Cell (214) 952-5775
730s Sr. Cpl. Lovy Page #6941
(214)-671-4530 / (214) 952-5794
Sr. Cpl. Gerald Dickens#7958
(214) 671-4577 / (214) 952-6401
Evenings: Sr. Cpl. Gerald Dickens #7958
(214) 671-4577 /(214) 952-6401  
Officer Orlandus Bronner, #10298
(214) 671-4525 / (214) 998-2293
740s Sr. Cpl. Kevin Green #8644
 (214) 671-4580 / (214) 952-8565
Senior Corporal Jackie Noel #8464
(214) 671-4590 / (214) 960-9537   
 Evenings: Officer Charles Crochett #10628
 (214) 671-4527 / 214-347-1697
Officer Tommie Runnels, #8245
(214) 671-4525 / (214) 998-3484
Sr. Cpl. Pearl McDowell #5229
 (214) 671-4597 / (214) 952-5646

Evenings:                                       Vacant                

                                                          (214) 671-4590 / (214) 960-9537



                                                              SOUTH CENTRAL CRIME GROUPS 
SECTOR 710’S   

Officer A. Williams  #10053                         Day – 2nd Watch                                           COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Brackins Village                                              Bi-Monthly 2pm                                                4th Thursday 
Good Haven Apts.                                          1:30pm                                                               Last Wednesday

                                                                                                                                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 8

+Wheatland Meadows/Wisdom Terrace   7pm                                                                     3rd Thursday 

SECTOR 710’S        

Sr. Cpl. L Kelly   #9876                                   Evening – 3rd Watch                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 4  
American Care Foundation                          6pm                                                                     3rd Thursday
Beckley Club Estates HOA                            10:30am                                                              3rd Saturday
Brentwood Trinity Heights NA                     6pm                                                                     4th Thursday
Bottom Neighborhood                                  6pm                                                                     2nd Tuesday
Cedar Crest NA                                               6:30pm                                                                1st Thursday
Cedar Oaks HOA                                             6:30pm                                                                4th Friday
Liberty Heights   NA                                        Bi-Monthly 6:30pm                                           4th Thursday
Reese Court Townhomes                               5pm                                                                     3rd Wednesday
Southern Oaks Signature  Apts.                    6pm                                                                     2nd Wednesday
Trinity Heights NA                                            6:30pm                                                               Last Tuesday
Volara Apts.                                                       4pm                                                                    3rd Friday

+Flats @ Five Mile Creek Apts.                       5:30pm                                                               3rd Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                        COUNCIL DISTRICT 3
+Twin Oaks NA                                                   7pm                                                                    2nd Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                        COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
+Hickory Trace Townhome                              5:30pm                                                              2nd Tuesday

+South East Dallas HO Civic                           10:30am                                                             1st Saturday

                                                             SOUTH CENTRAL CRIME GROUPS 
SECTOR 720’S      

Sr. Cpl. O Bonner   #10298                            Day – 2nd Watch                                           COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Christ for the Nation                                       3pm                                                                    1st Tuesday
+Fiji Senior Center                                           12pm                                                                  3rd Wednesday
Pythian Manor                                                  10am                                                                 2nd Wednesday

Overton Park Apts.                                          5pm                                                                    3rd Thursday
                                                                                                                                                       COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
+Polk Terrace NA                                              7pm                                                                   3rd Tuesday  

SECTOR 720’S      

Officer R Valencia                                             #10780  Evening – 3rd Watch                  COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Cedar Crest Village Neigh-HOA                      6pm                                                                  4th Thursday 
Creekside NA                                                     6:30pm                                                            2nd Thursday
Fortune Lane HOA                                            6pm                                                                 1st Monday
Glendale-Heights NA                                        6:15pm                                                            2nd Tuesday
Kings Square Apts.                                            5pm                                                                 1st Thursday
Madison Point Apts.                                          6pm                                                                 3rd Friday
Marsalis Park HOA     I                                       7pm                                                                2nd Monday
Marsalis Park HOA    II                                       7pm                                                                3rd Tuesday
Mesa Ridge Apts.                                                3:30pm                                                          2nd Wednesday
Neighbors for Change NA                                 6pm                                                               3rd Thursday
Oak Cliff Gardens NA                                         6:30pm                                                         1st Thursday
Peoples of El Shaddai Apts.                              4pm                                                               2nd Friday
Signature at Five Mile Creek Apts.                   5pm                                                               3rd Wednesday
St James Manor Apts.                                        4pm                                                               4th Tuesday
Zoo Creek Park NA                                            6:30pm                                                          3rd Monday

                                                                                                                                                       COUNCIL DISTRICT 3
Singing Hills NA                                                 6:30pm                                                           1st Monday
                                                                                                                                                       COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
Carter Square HOA                                           7pm                                                                4th Monday
Hidden Valley HOA                                           5pm                                                                2nd Monday

+Hour Glass                                                      6:30pm                                                           1st Tuesday   


                                                            SOUTH CENTRAL CRIME GROUPS 
SECTOR 730’S                                                                                                                            

Sr. Cpl. L Page    #6941                                     Day – 2nd Watch                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 3 
Frances Place Apts.                                            5pm                                                               2nd Monday
                                                                                                                                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Bonita Gardens Apts.                                        1pm                                                               3rd Tuesday
Heroes House Apts.                                           10am                                                            4th Monday
                                                                                                                                                     COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
Highland Hills Community Liaison                  7pm                                                              2nd Monday

+Highland Hills Apt.                                           5pm                                                             4th Wednesday


SECTOR 730’S                                                                                                                            

Sr. Cpl. G Dickens   #7958                               Evening – 3rd Watch                                 COUNCIL DISTRICT 3
Horizon Estate NA                                              6:30pm                                                         3rd Tuesday
Oakland Terrace NA                                           6:45pm                                                         3rd Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                     COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Cedar Garden Apts.                                            5pm                                                              3rd Tuesday
El Shaddai Apts.                                                  3pm                                                              2nd Wednesday
Fruitdale HO Improvement                              5:30pm                                                         1st Thursday 
Kessler Heights NA                                            6:30pm                                                         3rd Thursday
Oakwood Place Apts.                                        4:30pm                                                         3rd Thursday
Rosemont of Oak Hollow Apts.                       5:30pm                                                         3rd Thursday
Sunrise Village Apts.                                          5pm                                                              3rd Tuesday
The Francisco Apts.                                           6pm                                                              2nd Wednesday
The Loop At 2755 Apts.                                    4pm                                                              4th Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                    COUNCIL DISTRICT 7
Joppee Community NA                                     7pm                                                              Last Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                    COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
Arden Terrace NA                                             Bi-Monthly 10am                                         3rd Saturday
Estelle Village Apts.                                           6pm                                                               3rd Wednesday
Five Mile NA                                                       10am                                                             Last Saturday
Highland Park Apts.                                          5pm                                                              4th Wednesday
Marabella Apts.                                                 5pm                                                              3rd Wednesday
Villa of Sorrento Apts.                                      5:30pm                                                         3rd Tuesday

+Mountain Creek View Apts.                          5:30pm                                                         4th Tuesday


                                                                    SOUTH CENTRAL CRIME GROUPS 
SECTOR 740’S       

Sr. Cpl. K Green    #8644                                  Day – 2nd Watch                                        COUNCIL DISTRICT 3
H M M S NA                                                         Quarterly 6pm                                            2nd Tuesday
South Central Apt. Managers                           12pm                                                            3rd Wednesday

                                                                                                                                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 8

+Runyon Springs                                                5pm                                                               2nd Thursday
Officer C Crochett   #10628                            Evening – 3rd Watch                                 COUNCIL DISTRICT 3
Elderwood HOA                                                  6pm                                                               3rd Thursday
Red Bird-Hampton NA                                       6pm                                                              4th Thursday
Woodland Canyon NA                                       5:30pm                                                         4th Tuesday
Wynnewood Hills NA                                         6:45pm                                                         2nd Thursday
                                                                                                                                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 4
Carousel Court Apts.                                         4:30pm                                                         4th Thursday
Glen Oaks HOA                                                  7pm                                                               1st Tuesday
Southern Hills                                                    7pm                                                                Last Tuesday
                                                                                                                                                      COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
Bellevue Terrace Apts.                                     5pm                                                                2nd Thursday
Enchanted Villa HOA                                        Quarterly 6pm                                              1st Thursday 
Exchange 7272 Apts.                                        4:30pm                                                           3rd Wednesday
Garywood Neighborhood                               6pm                                                                 3rd Tuesday
Hidden Oasis Apts.                                           4pm                                                                 3rd Wednesday
La Hacienda Apts.                                             4:30pm                                                           3rd Tuesday
Mandalay Bayside/Shoreside Apts.               4pm                                                                2nd Thursday
Providence on the Park Apts.                         5:30pm                                                           2nd Tuesday
Unity Estates NA                                               6pm                                                                1st Tuesday
West Virginia Park Apts.                                  6pm                                                                 Last Thursday
Woodwatch Community Awareness             7:30pm                                                            3rd Wednesday

+Olney Court                                                    10am                                                                2nd Saturday

                                                                    SOUTH CENTRAL CRIME GROUPS 
SECTOR 750’S        

Sr. Cpl. P McDowell   #5229                             Day – 2nd Watch                                        COUNCIL DISTRICT 8
Homes Of Persimmons Apts.                           4pm                                                                2nd Tuesday
Magnolia Trace Apts.                                         5pm                                                                2nd Thursday
Red Bird Meadows                                             6pm                                                                3rd Thursday

                                                                                                                                                        COUNCIL DISTRICT 3

Glen View HOA                                                   6pm                                                                 3rd Tuesday

SECTOR 750’S   

                                                                           Evening – 3rd Watch                                 COUNCIL DISTRICT 3

Apartments-Apts.                                             Neighborhood Association-NA                  Home Owners Association-HOA

+ - Different Sector



Dallas Police Department
SouthCentral Division
1999 E. Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, TX 75241
Tel 214-671-4500
SouthCentral Division Commander
South Patrol          Deputy Chief               Jesse Reyes                     214-670-7470            

Community Engagement Unit