Deployment Teams

725 N. Jim Miller  Rd
Dallas, Texas 75217

Sergeant Robert Watson 
Evening Deployment and CRT
Desk Phone: 214-671-0120

The Southeast Crime Response Team/Deployment Unit is made up of uniformed officers organized in a unit to provide specialized crime-fighting capabilities to the division commander.  The unit is comprised of one sergeant and 10 senior corporals/police officers.  Officers may deploy in uniform, plain clothes or a combination of both to address the evolving crime patterns and trends in the division.  The unit is led by a sergeant who reports to a lieutenant of police.  Each patrol division has one assigned Crime Response Team with specific hours and days off determined by the division commander.

One of the goals of the Southeast Crime Response Team/Deployment Unit is to answer all criminal and drug complaints in your area.  We ask that you use our anonymous tip line to inform the CRT/Deployment Unit of drug houses, drug hot spots, criminal activity and other important information to help solve crimes.  Specific information such as addresses, detailed suspect descriptions, makes, models, colors, license plates and special features of vehicles as well as any pertinent information can be helpful to the police department when investigating tips.