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The Northeast Division Crime Response Team provides a proactive arm for the Dallas Police Department.  CRT is responsible for investigating criminal and drug activity that either originates in or affects the Northeast Division of the Dallas Police Department. They accomplish this mission by:

  1. Using intelligence lead policing, both teams reduce crime by targeting high crime locations for area saturation operations and identifying/apprehending individuals that prey on the citizens of the City of Dallas.
  2. Assisting other Dallas Police Department Units in any investigation or operation that originates in the Northeast Division.
  3. Assisting outside Agencies (Local, State and Federal) in the execution of arrest and search warrants in or around the Northeast Division.
  4. Developing and vetting intelligence that directly impacts that safety and security of all in the Northeast Division.  

We ask that you use our anonymous tip line to inform the Crime Response Officers of drug houses, drug hot spots, criminal activity and other important information to help solve crimes. Specific information such as addresses, detailed suspect descriptions, makes, models, colors, license plates and special features of vehicles, as well as any pertinent information can be helpful to the police department when investigating tips.


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Dallas Police Department
Northeast Division
9915 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75238
Tel 214-670-4415
Northeast Division Commander
Major Phyllis Nobles


East Patrol Bureau Commander

Deputy Chief Osama Ismail

Community Engagement Unit
Tel 214-670-4415      Tel 214-670-4762