Crime Response Team


Sgt. Brett Brown

Sgt. Marcell Ford


The goal of the Southwest Crime Response Team (CRT) is to answer criminal and drug complaints within the division. We welcome input from the community on such issues as drug houses, drug hot spots, and general criminal activity. Tips and information on these and other crime issues can be relayed to the Response Team in any of several ways. In emergency situations or other circumstances that require an immediate police presence, please dial 911 directly to initiate a police response. To pass along more routine information or to alert us to a general problem area though please consider using the app or website. It is a safe and easy way to contact us. You may also e-mail or call either of the CRT supervisors directly using the contact information above. Any time you contact us we ask that you be as specific as possible with regard to locations, suspect descriptions, and vehicle descriptions (make, model, color, license tags, special features, etc.), and that you also include any other pertinent information that might help us successfully respond to your concern. We value your input and pledge to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to the issues you raise. You may remain anonymous when your contact us, but we encourage you to leave your name and contact information so that we can contact you should we have questions or need more details from you.


Thank you for your help.

**Please remember, iWatch is not a substitute for emergencies. 
Call 911 for emergencies that require immediate police response.​