Southwest Patrol Division



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The Southwest Patrol Division began operations in 1903 when the Dallas Police Department took over law enforcement responsibilities in the town of Oak Cliff, Texas after it was annexed by the city of Dallas.


Initially three mounted officers patrolled the area from the Oak Cliff substation located at Beckley Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard. In 1929, city officials leased a one-story building on South Zang Boulevard as the base of police operation. As Oak Cliff grew and police responsibilities expanded, that substation, then comprising five patrol beats, was replaced with a new patrol station at 4020 W. Illinois and 109 officers reported to duty there.

The present Southwest Patrol station at 4230 W. Illinois Avenue opened in April 1980. Today its 300 officers, responsible for a geographic area of 75 square miles, serve a population of some 200,000 residents. The men and women of Southwest Patrol are proud to be part of one of the most vibrant and diverse areas of Dallas.
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