Applicant Processing Steps

Phase I

Civil Service Written Test. The first step in becoming a Dallas Police Officer is registering for the civil service examination. 

Complete the City of Dallas civil service application, print and retain a copy. This is one of the necessary documents required by the Dallas Police Department. 

The civil service tests are offered monthly, on every Monday (check dates) at 9 a.m. for local applicants, and during three-day testing for out of town applicants on Friday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.  (see Monday Testing and Monthly Three Day Testing for more information).

Testing Location: 1500 Marilla Street, Dallas, TX 75201 – Room 1-CS (Dallas City Hall) 

EXAM DESCRIPTION: Exam covers map reading, reading comprehension, prioritization, probability, vocabulary, word use, mathematics, sentence clarity, and character comparison.

TIME LIMIT: Three (3) hours


There is no study guide for the test. The test covers spelling, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and basic math skills. The passing score for the civil service examination is 69% and three hours are allotted to complete the 170-question test.

  • No cell phones, electronic devices or bags are permitted in the testing room, please leave these items in your vehicle.              A picture ID is required to take the test.
  • The Civil Service Department requires proof of eligibility in order to take the test. Applicants are required to submit a sealed official college transcript with at least 45 semester hours with a 2.0 GPA. 
    • This is in addition to the two college transcript from every university/college attended required by the Dallas Police Department.  
  • Military veterans may waive the college requirement by submitting a DD Form 214 (member 4 copy) that confirms three years of military service with an Honorable Discharge.

Preliminary Interview Form: Applicants answer a series of questions to confirm they meet the minimum requirements and have no disqualifying factors. The form can be found here: 

Personal History Statement: The Personal History Statement will be used as a basis for a background investigation that will determine your eligibility for becoming an employee. The form can be found here:

Forms should be completed, printed out, and brought with you to the testing event

Physical Fitness Test. Applicants must bring appropriate athletic training clothes (no tank tops), running shoes, small towel, snacks, and drinking water in a small bag to testing. Before traveling to Dallas, ensure you are able to pass the fitness test. We expect 100% effort!  Finish at your fastest time.  The test is given in the order shown below. Testing1.jpg

  • Vertical Jump (minimum 6.5 inches)
  • Bench Press, free weights (minimum 56% of your body weight)
  • Illinois Shuttle Run (maximum time of 24.9 seconds)
  • Sit-ups (minimum of 14 repetitions in 1 minute)
  • 300 Meter Run (maximum time of 110 seconds)
  • Push-ups (minimum of 4 repetitions)
  • 1.5 Miles Run (maximum time of 19:09 minutes)

Pre-Polygraph Booklet. Applicants complete the booklet answering questions regarding employment, drug use, criminal activities, etc.

Polygraph Examination. The polygraph examination is used to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by the applicant and to inquire about undetected crimes, illegal drug use, employment, and other relevant information.

Applicant Interview Board (AIB). Applicants appear in front of a three member board in formal business attire (suit & tie). Applicants are asked scenario based questions and are graded on their appearance, communication skills, judgment, and logical reasoning.

Background Investigation. Applicants who pass all the previous steps proceed to the background investigation if they submit a complete, detail, and accurate Personal History Statement.  A detective conducts an extensive background investigation to include, but not limited to, contacting all prior/present employers, references, co-workers, ex-spouses, family members, and schools. Also, the applicant’s residential history, financial responsibility, military records and driving history are investigated. The background investigation can take from two to four months to complete. Most of the delay is caused by the lack of reference response. Once the background investigation is completed, the applicant’s file is routed through the chain of command for review and approval. If the applicant is approved for hire, he/she is tendered a conditional offer of employment.IMG_0492.JPG

Phase II

Once the applicant accepts the conditional offer of employment, he/she must return to Dallas in order to complete the below tests:

Psychological Examination. Applicants complete two psychological written tests and are interviewed by a staff psychologist.           

Medical Examination. The applicant’s physical and medical conditions are evaluated to ensure that he/she can function safely as a police officer.

Drug Screening. Applicants provide samples and these are analyzed to detect the use of illegal drugs.






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