Deployment Team


The Patrol Division Deployment Unit is a covert surveillance and apprehension group. In most instances, each Division is authorized two (2) Deployment Units.
The Deployment Units were formed for the purpose of combating violent crime as well as property crime by taking proactive steps to locate, identify and arrest repeat or habitual offenders. The Units will actively search for offenders named in arrest warrants that have been filed on by the Investigative Units. They will conduct surveillance of those individuals who are suspected of committing crime and/or specific offense locations with the goal of arresting individual’s in-the-act. The Units will assist the Patrol Officer/Investigator in any way possible to combat crime problems and or respond to in progress incidents that require surveillance to assist in the apprehension of offenders. The DU will work closely with other divisions and crime analysts to obtain, distribute and act on information and intelligence.​